CGM LIFE Partner Portal

CGM LIFE for Partners

CGM LIFE is the consumer centric platform for medical & health care data & services to improve the personal health.

Building your solution on CGM LIFE means you can rapidly develop your solution without having to start from scratch. This way you can reduce cost, decrease time to market and benefit from our experience.
With our partner program we allow you to concentrate on your core competences by taking advantage of already existing CGM LIFE features like:

  • secure medical cloud including user authorization, harmonized data model (Personal Health Record) and data storage
  • connectivity to practice information systems, hospital information systems, pharmacy information systems
  • added value services like eAppointments, eFindings, eRecipes, eDialog
  • and many more...

Synchronizing Healthcare

CGM LIFE innovates the communication between professional & patient.

With over 400.000 professional customers we offer a strong backbone for your solution and excellent contacts to health care professionals.

Our vision with CGM LIFE is:

  • to provide a single platform to store the personal health record (owned by the patient)
  • having the capability to share its data with pharmacies, doctors, laboratories and hospitals
  • being deeply integrated in the provider systems and
  • innovate the market together with partner applications.

Feel welcome to become a CGM LIFE partner and be an active member of health transformation!

Leverage SDK´s and storage platform for Partner Apps

With CGM LIFE we provide a highly available cloud service for medical data inside EU.

By building applications natively on the CGM LIFE platform, you as a partner can benefit from our secure medical cloud & hosting service and easy to use client SDK´s for platforms like iOs, Android, Windows and HTML5.
The client SDK handles de- and encryption in the background - you get it as a feature "out of the box".


Create new business opportunities

CGM LIFE accelerates Consumer Health & Provider solutions.

Patient empowerment & compliance, Patient self- and coaching services are new drivers in the health transformation process.

Innovative applications can provide individuals and caregivers new ways to better manage their health and fitness.

By using CGM LIFE as a platform for your solution, you´re able to extend your consumer services with provider connectivity for a better health outcome. This enables new business opportunities, business models and last but not least can drive your growth.

How to become a CGM LIFE Partner?

Just fill out the register as partner form - we´ll guide you through our onboarding process!

By filling out the registration form you help us to learn more about you, your company and your vision. We´ll check your request to find out whether your project fits into our portfolio and come back to you as soon as possible. Once we approve your registration we´ll start the onboarding process to help you specify, plan and develop your project. Just click on the picture right beside this text to get to the registration form!


How to build a solution based on CGM LIFE?

Inform, specify, build...

We do everything to make a CGM LIFE development as easy as possible. Within the partner portal we provide a developer documentation that describes CGM LIFE concepts, the harmonized medical data model, our custom data model and concrete examples. In our downloads section you´ll find SDK´s, SDK documentation and code samples for Android, iOS, HMTL5 and Windows - your interface to CGM LIFE. The Partner Application Center allows you to create and administrate your CGM LIFE Partner Apps!